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Let your mind and body dance together.

Imagining and creating a space that evokes a feeling, not just providing a prescriptive set of rooms, is always a challenge. How do you touch upon human emotion in just the right way? 

It’s been really important to me that the Glow Dance studio not only works well in a functional sense but that it creates all the right feels.

I wanted the space to feel stylish and welcoming, uncluttered and calm, beautiful and fun.

Kate Holmes, Director, GLOW Dance

From the moment I walked into the space I fell in love with the expanse of natural light and the views of both the treetops and roof tops of the local terrace houses. 

It was a no brainer to position our two separate studio spaces so that they could capitalise on these. Dancing in the sunshine or watching the play of shadows change over the dance floor throughout the day will be something we will all get to enjoy in the months to come.

The main dance studio is big! Big enough to fit around 40 dancers with room to move. We have had a lot of fun putting together our sprung dance floor in here, utilising pool noodles for our impact absorption to the underside of plywood sheeting.

Artistic render of Studio 1.

Artistic render of Studio 1 | Opening January 2020

There are mirrors! Lots of mirrors! So wherever you are in the space you can see the trees.  If however you don’t like looking at yourself in the mirror, I hear you. We have waves of black organza curtain fabric, which soften the space, add texture and can be drawn across the mirrors to tone down your view. 

Our reception and waiting area provides a centralised place to hang out before class, complete with an angel wing mural. We will start the year with a white angel and week by week add colour to individual feathers, a visual representation of our adventure as the weeks pass by.

Studio 2 is separated from our reception area by a glorious black velvet curtain. This evokes a feeling of tactile luxury and of mystery, solid enough to hide from view yet soft enough to hear the music. What is going on behind that curtain?

Along the design process we decided to make all off our change rooms and toilet facilities Unisex. No this doesn’t mean you have to shower together! There are individual toilets, a shower and change cubicles, all of which provide you with your own privacy to get ready before class or tidy yourself up after class.

Don’t be put off by our speakeasy style side street access on Fergie Street. Everyone knows that some of the best Melbourne hangouts are in a run down building, hidden down a dark alley, behind an obscure door. 

Doors will open January 2020. Come in and say hi!

Until then you can find our more about us at www.glow.dance and sign up to our regular newsletter.

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