Happy New Year!

A Reflection of 2019

Here we are at the end of 2019 and I feel as though I need to pinch myself when I take a moment for some reflection on the year that was.

This year has been quite a rollercoaster full of amazing highs and some not-so-highs. There’s been tears of joy, tears of frustration, lots of laughs, and lots of dancing. I’m talking a LOT of dancing!

The biggest part of this year has undoubtedly been the pursuit of opening a dance studio and bringing GLOW from an idea in the back of my head, into a fully-realised physical space in North Fitzroy that I can see and smell and touch and twirl around in.


I couldn’t face any more rejection… All I wanted to do was open a dance studio…

Bringing GLOW to life has also brought the biggest challenges with it, and for quite some time, I wasn’t even sure it was going to see the light of day, and forever remain just slightly out of my grasp. We had countless setbacks, so much so, it almost became comical. If something could go wrong, of course it did. Setbacks and continual delays with getting approvals, waiting for various inspections, and more approvals, and then dealing with rejections and appeals and re-applying and there were a number of moments where all I wanted to do was just throw in the towel, because I couldn’t face any more rejection.

All I wanted to do was open a dance studio; a place where people could come and move and enjoy music and have fun and just get off the couch and discover or rediscover movement.

I genuinely thought it was never going to happen…

…and then it did. The day my approval came through from Council was the day that everything changed. Suddenly GLOW became a reality. My studio became a reality. This space that I’d dreamt of became a reality… but time was against us, and after being forced to push the date back time and time again, my opening date got later and later.

Then we started demolition.


Having worked as an architect, I’ve built a career on helping other people’s visions come to life, and helped them completely transform their spaces and bringing their visions to life. To have the ability to do that for my very own space is exciting and terrifying all at once.

In a couple of months, I’ve watched first-hand as this space completely transformed from a drab looking office space, into a spacious, light-filled space that will soon be filled with music and movement and lots of smiling.

I get very emotional thinking about all the support that I’ve had every step along this journey…

Whilst it currently smells of timber and paint, and we’re still busy working on bringing this vision of mine to life, I’m thankful to everybody that has supported and helped along the way.


I get very emotional thinking about all the support that I’ve had every step along this journey, because I couldn’t have done any of this without such incredible people around me, so I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for everything that you’ve done to help me get closer to achieving my dream.

Most of all, though, I couldn’t be more grateful for the two most important people in my life – Murray and Finn. The unconditional love, support and encouragement has been there every single step of the way, and I’m so glad that we get to share this adventure together, because I couldn’t have done it without you. I love you both to the moon and back.


Now, before I go, there’s 2 things to remember:

  1. Our Kids Holiday Program starts 06 January. For more information of what your kids can expect each day, a timetable, and to book, visit our Holiday Program info page.
  2. Saturday 18 January. SAVE THE DATE! Put it in your calendar, mark it in your diary, tell somebody else to remind you if need-be. 18th Jan is the OFFICIAL opening of GLOW Dance, and I’d love to see you there. More details coming very soon!

Thank you again for your love and support throughout 2019. I’m looking forward to a brand new year, opening GLOW Dance (officially) and welcoming you all to come and have a year full of dance, smiling, movement, music and fitness dipped in fun.

Here’s to a new year and a new decade filled with new challenges, more fun, stepping out of comfort zones and rediscovering our true abilities whilst pursuing our own happiness.

Looking forward to seeing you on the dance floor in 2020!


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