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Welcome to SWINGTRAIN your Swing Dance inspired Dance Fitness workout, for those who love the infectious sounds of BIG BAND, Rock n Roll, Electro Swing and Broadway musicals.

Imagine crazy Charlestons, goofy Jazz Moves, some Swanky Blues and Dramatic Broadway Show Endings, all combined to give you 45 minutes of Cardio fun that feels like anything but a workout!

Joyful songs from the 30s, 40s, 50s & more recent Electro – Swing re-inventions, are the music track-list to a class of unique, beginner friendly, mini-routines. Think music videos, but transported back in time to a by-gone era, when dancing was all about cutting a rug.

The Energy is high, the Jazz hands are out and the smiles are massive.

No partner or previous dance experience required – just a willingness to have fun!

Good For: Coordination, balance, agility and cardio fitness

Duration: 45 mins including warm-up and cool down

Level: Mix of low high impact exercise