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GROOVE your way and get ready for a mind-blowing, delicious dance experience.

This is your chance to explore your own unique, creative way of moving, whilst feeling unified and connected with others on the dance-floor.

Funk, Latin, House, Disco, Rock & Roll, Hip Hop and Meditative music. All of these and more could make up your GROOVE class playlist.

No complex choreography to learn and remember, no technique to perfect. Instead, so that you feel instant success, we give you an anchor, a simple movement or rhythm which we all do together. You are then encouraged to explore how your body wants to move, tune in to your own innate wisdom and creativity, and give yourself permission to let dance happen.

It doesn’t matter your fitness level or your dance experience. You go at your own pace and listen to what your body needs. The fact that we are all unique individuals is celebrated. We absolutely and completely should look different to each other when we dance. Dancing how you choose to and how your body wants to is exactly right.

Perfect for beginners, wanting to start slowly or experienced dancers, who want to be reminded of the joy of dance.

THE BEST BIT? A great workout which improves body confidence.

Feels like: Dancing in your lounge room with your besties

Good for: Coordination, balance, agility and self love.

Duration: 55 mins including warm-up and cool down.

Level: Mix of low, medium and high impact exercise

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