Do you love to dance but don’t know where to go?

Feel like Clubs are not your crowd and dancing in your lounge room is so 2020?
As we get older and our lives become more complicated with family, social and work commitments, taking time out just to be able to cut lose, feels like a luxury we can’t indulge in.

Dance Fitness classes are a fantastic option, if regular dance classes feel too competitive, over-complicated, intimidating or scary. You don’t have to have perfect technique, look like a professional dancer or perform for the eyes of others. They are a place where dance can be celebrated, regardless of your dance ability or fitness level, with the added bonus of a workout without you even noticing.

But where to start? Which Dance Fitness class is the one for me?
Well that depends on the type of music you love to dance to, the complexity of the choreography and the intensity of the workout.

We have sourced some of the best DANCE FITNESS classes worldwide and brought them together under one roof at GLOW DANCE. There is a class designed to suit everybody from a nervous newcomer to the most extroverted party starter.

Find YOUR favourite class.



Les Mills BODYJAM combines the freshest dance moves with the latest cutting-edge music, from house to hip hop and everything in-between. Lose yourself in the music and move your body in inventive ways that you may not have tried before.


With a continuous playlist of music, you will tackle two unique blocks of choreography. There is plenty for you to explore, practice and conquer: all whilst increasing your heart rate, challenging your memory and improving your strength, agility, co-ordination and balance.

Learn individual moves, put them together to create the routines and practice the combinations, all to music perfectly matched with transitions and highlights. Feel the excitement build as the music takes you somewhere else and the when you SMASH out what we have put together.

This is the perfect class for anyone who loves a CHOREOGRAPHY CHALLENGE as much as a CARDIO WORKOUT.

Experience the ultimate ENDORPHIN RUSH! When you conquer a complex arm combo or that crazy backward jump turn, you will feel invincible.


Welcome to your Swing Dance inspired Fitness Class, for those who love the infectious sounds of BIG BAND, Rock n Roll, Electro Swing and Broadway musicals.
Imagine crazy Charlestons, goofy Jazz Moves, some Swanky Blues and Dramatic Broadway Show Endings, all combined to give you 45 minutes of Cardio fun that feels like anything but a workout!

Joyful songs from the 30s, 40s, 50s & more recent Electro – Swing
re-inventions, are the music track-list to a class of unique, beginner friendly, mini-routines. Think music videos, but transported back in time to a
by-gone era, when dancing was all about cutting a rug.

The Energy is high, the Jazz hands are out and the smiles are massive.

No partner or previous dance experience required – just a willingness to have fun!



Get ready for a mind-blowing, delicious dance experience.
This is your chance to explore your own unique, creative way of moving, whilst feeling unified and connected with others on the dance-floor.
Funk, Latin, House, Disco, Rock & Roll, Hip Hop and Meditative music. All of these and more could make up your GROOVE class playlist.

No complex choreography to learn and remember, no technique to perfect. Instead, so that you feel instant success, we give you an anchor, a simple movement or rhythm which we all do together. You are then encouraged to explore how your body wants to move, tune in to your own innate wisdom and creativity, and give yourself permission to let dance happen.

It doesn’t matter your fitness level or your dance experience. You go at your own pace and listen to what your body needs. The fact that we are all unique individuals is celebrated. We absolutely and completely should look different to each other when we dance. Dancing how you choose to and how your body wants to is exactly right.

Perfect for beginners, wanting to start slowly or experienced dancers, who want to be reminded of the joy of dance.



Ditch the workout and join the Latin Festival Party!

FLOW LATINO’S urban take on the ZUMBA Fitness classes you love, brings dancing from the streets of Latin America onto the dance-floor. Shake your booty to Latin inspired beats including; Reggaeton, Salsa, Merengue, Samba and Bachata, and lose yourself in the music.

With simple, easy-to-learn movement patterns and lots of opportunity for repetition, this class gives those who are new to dance a feeling of instant success. For those with more dance experience, the high energy, party-like atmosphere is the attraction.

Incorporating a mix of low intensity and high intensity moves, for an interval-style dance party, you will get a full body workout and leave with a seriously sweaty smile.

Take the “work” out of your workout and shake it like no-one is watching!


The more mature sister of the original ZUMBA dance fitness class you love.

Dance to Latin beats, International music and classic song favourites. Shake your hips and your booty as you work up a sweat and have a lot of FUN in a social environment.

With simple, easy-to-learn movement patterns, lots of repetition and a slower pace to other dance fitness classes, this class gives those who are new to dance a feeling of instant success.

Your class will start with an easy warm-up and gently build, as you explore all types of music and movement, finishing with a relaxing cool down.

Zumba Gold is ideal for older adults, wanting to stay active, beginners and those returning after an injury or illness. There is a strong focus on low joint impact, improving range of motion, balance and co-ordination.

A weekly coffee catch-up is on offer afterwards, for those who love the social aspect of this class.



Retro AF (Aerobics Freestyle) is a classic old-school workout that would make Jane Fonda Proud, taking you back to the very beginnings of dance fitness.

The music playlists are bulging with 80s and 90s dance bangers, straight out of the Hot Tub Time Machine.

Over 55 minutes you will build a fully choreographed Jazzercize dance routine, filled with nostalgic aerobics moves, such as grapevines, pivot turns, box steps and monkey arms.

This class is a memory game, with moves introduced one after the other, building into a full routine throughout the class. If you have some previous dance experience, learning and remembering choreography, you will fit right in. For total beginners get ready for your brain to work as hard as your body.

Regardless of your fitness level, there is something for everyone, with low-impact options always on offer and simplified versions of the moves to explore.

Costumes are welcome but not a requirement. If you love to dress up you will not be out of place, so raid your wardrobe for 80s inspired outfits, think: headbands, leg warmers, high waisted leotards and off the shoulder tees.



POP FEVER is an action-packed, choreography class which spotlights the works of a feature music artist.

This class is perfect for those of you who want to dance like a star in your own music video, complete with fabulous back-up dancers!

Throughout the class you will learn a mini-routine, filled with watch-and-follow elements and iconic technical dance sequences; all to a curated, catalogue of hits from artists such as: The Spice Girls, BackStreet Boys, Chiara, Pussycat Dolls & Beyonce.

The artist changes every month, and the choreography every fortnight, ensuring a new challenge is just around the corner.

This class is open to all fitness levels.
You will start slowly, as you begin to learn the routine; with the music increasing in pace throughout the class, once your body and brain start to build some memory.

Come as you are and leave as a star!!



GRV3 is a high-energy cardio funk fitness class, where you will experience a combination of hip-hop, funk, pop and groove; movement that feels good in your body.

The “3” in GRV3 stands for DANCE, SWEAT, and LIVE.
DANCE: The class is conducted in a “learn slow, dance all-out” format, with basic steps to get your body moving, regardless of dance ability, fitness or experience. You will learn a full routine throughout the hour-long class and get the opportunity to perform for your fellow participants when the class is divided into two groups to showcase.

SWEAT: The music is a non-stop mix of 90’s and 00’s hip hop, pop, and R&B. Guaranteed you’ll hear a song that “used to be your jam,” which will inevitably get your feet moving and grooving.

LIVE: You will be encouraged to “do you.” The lights are low and the love and encouragement in the room is abundant, so everyone feels relaxed to let loose and let their inner self shine!

The ultimate dance party vibe!



Shine bright like the BROADWAY STAR that you are!

567 Broadway is a dance fitness class that harnesses the magic of musical theatre song and dance.

ACT 1 – the first 30 minutes of class
Dedicated to non-stop cardio dance and strength training, all set to your favourite Broadway hits like GREASE, HAMILTON, HAIRSPRAY and MUCH MORE!

Learn a dance routine from a HIT MUSICAL. Each part is broken down, for easy learning, prior to performing the full routine at the end of the class.

Singing along is highly encouraged and there may even be props & costumes.

Step out into the spotlight and own the stage!


In Summary

If you love to Dance make it a gift to yourself, YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!!

There’s nothing better than being taken away by the music, moving in a way that feels good and switching off from the stress of everyday life.

Being able to give yourself some time out, releasing emotions and expressing feelings on the dance-floor, means that YOU & everyone around you, benefits from a happier and healthier you.


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  1. Roslyn Randall

    Great dance fitness experience enjoyef lots of dance variety improving fitness..All of the Dance Instructors are professional talented people. I was on holiday from interstate and enjoyed my classes immensely. Thanks to all staff concerned.

    1. admin

      Thanks for the feed back Ros. We’re glad you had a good time. Pay us a a visit next time you’re in town.

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